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Recognize the Dangerous Risks Due to Broken Ribs

Rib fracture is a common injury caused by a blow or impact to the chest, for example due to falls, traffic accidents, or sports. Rib fractures can be fatal, especially if the ribs break into pieces and injure organs in the body. Ribs consist of 12 pairs of flat bones that are rounded on the chest. In addition to protecting the heart and lungs, the rib cage is also the attachment of muscles in the chest area that play a role in breathing. In many cases, a rib fracture can heal itself within 1-2 months. The doctor will give medicine to relieve pain so that the patient can breathe better and more comfortably. This aims to avoid complications in the lungs, such as lung infections (pneumonia). What Are the Signs of Broken Ribs? If you experience a collision in the chest, you should immediately see a doctor, especially if you feel some of the following symptoms: There is a bruise on the chest accompanied by sharp pain. The bruised part is painful to the touch. Chest pain when taking
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Various Ways to Overcome Yellow Teeth in a Dentist

Yellow teeth can indeed interfere with appearance and reduce self-confidence. But, you dont have to worry. Yellow teeth can turn white, really. There are various ways that dentists can do to overcome yellow teeth. Teeth have pores like human skin, but cannot be seen by the eye. Dyes from food, drink, or cigarette smoke will absorb to the surface of the teeth through the pores and produce a yellowish color with different levels in each person. What Causes Yellow Teeth? The color of your teeth can naturally turn yellow with age. But besides that, teeth can also turn yellow due to the following things: Inner cause Some internal factors that can cause yellow teeth are: Excessive fluoride exposure since childhood. Long-term use of drugs. Trauma due to falling or impact on teeth during growth. External causes Some external factors that can cause yellow teeth are: Excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol or soft drinks. Eat colorful foods, such as curry or soto. Brushing tee

When should the HPV Vaccine Be Done to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Many women who are sexually active register for the HPV vaccine, to prevent cervical cancer. Do you know, there is actually the best time to do this vaccine. Let's find out when the HPV vaccine should be done. Human papillomavirus or HPV infection is often not realized because it does not always cause typical symptoms. However, more than 50% of sexually active women and men have been exposed to this infection. The HPV vaccine can protect the body from infection with the HPV virus. Although better known as a cause of cervical cancer, but actually HPV can also cause cancer in men. The Best Time to Get an HPV Vaccine Actually some HPV infections can disappear within 2 years. But this infection can also last for a long time, until it is likely to cause cervical cancer, penile cancer, anal cancer and back throat cancer. The good news, most types of cancer can be prevented by the HPV vaccine. If the HPV vaccine is given to teenagers before intercourse, it will be able to provide v